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Kru L. S. Madahar: 078 34 767 487 ~ TMA Academy: 024 76 666 899 ~ Kru Pindi Madahar: 078 14 496 304

To Lucky,
“You have a great school. The students are fantastic and well rounded in technique. Good luck and keep kicking”.

Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace

Middleweight Kick Boxing Champion of the World

“Just a few months ago. I had the good fortune to meet up and train briefly with master Lakhvinder (Lucky) Madahar. In my opinion, he’s one of the best instructors currently active in the UK”.

Bob Sykes

Martial Artist & Editor - Martial Arts Illustrated

“Spent a few hours at the Total Martial Arts Academy in Coventry with Lucky Madahar and Pindi Madahar. Now these guys are what it is all about, they have actually trained all of their lives, earned their credentials from years of study as opposed to seminar attendance. Lucky has decades of knowledge and Pindi puts himself out there, gets in the ring/cage, wins fights and trains fighters. I mean seriously what more do you want?! In this era of pretend black belts and instructors with larger than life characters with no skill, these two unassuming fellas just get on with being real”.

Guy Bloom


“Pindi Madahar is what I like to call a “Faith Restorer”.

All to often, particularly in Mixed Martial Arts you come across the ego’s the fame hungry and the wrong sort all together.

Pindi is everything that is right in a person, where manners, humility and respect come first, “He Restores my Faith”.

You are what you have been brought up to be and in Pindi that is testament to Lucky Madahar & Pushpinder (Mum & Dad).

If you are looking for a place to learn from the heart then you could not go far wrong with Lucky’s TMA Academy.

Lucky & Pindi truly are two of the nicest guys I will ever meet in my entire life”. 

Marc Goddard

UFC Referee & Grappling Champion

“Total Martial Arts Academy offers the finest methods of learning and practising martial arts. The training environment is free from intimidation and inspires development through maintaining high fitness levels and increasing knowledge of practical applications of various techniques. The training continuously offers me new challenges and is very formidable; this combined with great instructorship is probably the main reason why I am still of this academy 20 years later”.

Ameendeep S. Channa

Senior Instructor with 25 years martial arts experience

TMA (Total Martial Arts) Academy has given me hope, that the martial arts still have the fundamental values of why they originated, Peace and Heart and of course survival –  collective survival. Thanks to Lucky (Lakhvinder) Madahar and his team of instructors for providing high level knowledge and top quality training. It’s been hard work but it restored my confidence on so many different levels and while having fun along the way!


“I am so privileged to have been taught Muay Thai boxing and Filipino martial arts (Kali/Eskrima) by this amazing humble gentlemen Lucky (Lakhvinder Madahar). I have yet to find an instructor who is so personalised in his teaching and considerate, I always felt comfortable”.

Shamin Chowdhury

School teacher

“Total Martial arts academy has everything for everyone, whether you’re a novice or experienced in martial arts. The entire instructors and students’ share a passion about their arts as an on going life study of martial arts. Come and see and enter a world of Self – discovery, we all learn not only from the instructors, but from one anther, I feel at Total Martial Arts Academy I can honestly say that the vibe is really positive and friendly that motivates one another, very rare sight to see all I can say is come and see what I mean for real”.

Iqbal Singh Dosanjh

Student of over 15 years

“I’ve trained at a lot of clubs, but none had the same atmosphere as here (Total Martial Arts Academy). It’s very relaxed and friendly; you pick things up really quickly.

I’ve made a lot of good friends, through the classes and feel more confident. And the instructors are really approachable and always have time to go through things with you.

The guest instructors have given me a chance to try things, I’ve never heard of, but all of it has been enjoyable.

Every time I come I learn something new and it’s great for dealing with all the stresses in your life.

Training here is simply the best thing, I’ve done this year”.

Ant McGinley

Ex-Mercia FM Breakfast DJ/Presenter

“Having been a member of Total Martial Arts for over a year now I feel proud to be one of Lucky’s students. His classes are varied and interesting and you always leave feeling you’ve learnt something that you can practically apply.
The mix of good humour, camaraderie, and expert advice makes every session worthwhile. The technical aspects of Muay Thai have been opened up for me in a way I have not experienced before. There is a real sensitivity and understanding of the needs of each individual in the group and this helps everyone to learn at there own pace.
Total Martial Arts is a great place to be and I look forward to training there for many years to come”.

Ian Childs Smith

School Teacher from Warwick

I would like to recommend TMA Academy (Total Martial Arts) in Coventry, my son Macauley Coyle has trained there for nearly 4 years.
With instructors Lucky Madahar and his son Pindi ‘The Warrior’ Madahar, his attitude towards his school work has improved to be top levels results; I think this has a lot to do with his concentration levels from his training in MauyThai boxing, such a friendly place to be to learn martial arts. Macauley has achieved so much since his time at the TMA Academy he started pro fighting for the fight team at the TMA Academy, and in the last year he has won both English and British ISKA titles in which I am very proud of him and his team at the TMA Academy, without the great training he receives he would not be at this level at the age of just turning 16, The TMA Academy in Coventry is the place to be – Cheers! Steve Coyle.

“In a world where we are spoilt for choice and most people are trapped in chaos; we need to remember the power of discipline – since this is what defines our success in life.

Total Martial Arts Academy instils discipline and focus like no place other – the highest level of Kali/Eskrima (Filipino martial arts) and Muay Thai taught by the best instructors in Coventry.

Pindi ‘The Warrior’ Madahar teaches the way of a true champion – leading by example. In all his training and his participation at top level competition, he is a true inspiration and I am honoured to have him as my teacher.

Likewise; Master Lucky Madahar (Pindi’s father) and his immense skill in the martial arts and the understanding of the martial arts philosophy he is making the Total Martial Arts a world class Academy.  

Always proud to be a member! “ 

Hither Mann

Business Women

“My son was spending too long on the computer and games so I was looking for a way for him to do something physical and at the some time means of self defence. It was by chance I came across Lucky’s TMA Academy on the internet. First time I met Lucky I was immediately impressed, he was genuine and passionate about the martial arts. My son came down to a trail lesson and he was hooked. The standard of training is excellent and they also offer several martial arts including Thai Boxing, Kali – Filipino martial arts, Erik Paulson’s (CSW) Combat Submission Wrestling and Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do. It’s a great way to keep fit and spend some quality time with my son, as it’s a lot of fun and so I just had to join myself. I would recommend the training at Lucky’s TMA Academy to everyone regardless of age or gender”.

Surinder Bhandn & Raj Bhandn

IT Worker

I take my 7 year old son to TMA. Having never been involved with martial arts before, I think we were both apprehensive on day one, but knowing what we know now, there was no need to be. There is one focus at TMA and that is the “Arts”. I expected a testosterone fuelled atmosphere with massive ego’s running round the gym, but it couldn’t be further away. Everyone, not just the instructors, are friendly and approachable and only too happy to help. Just yesterday, someone waiting to do their session held the pads for my son, but didn’t just hold them, he did it with enthusiasm and encouragement, whilst also coaching and helping with technique. I can’t recommend the place highly enough for all ages and abilities. Given the calibre of the instructors and the ethos of the gym, I can’t see how you can fail to achieve your goals here irrespective of current standard or fitness.

Natalie Plamer

As a larger than average woman I was quite apprehensive arriving at TMA to train. I was made to feel so welcome and was always never made to feel like I was out of my league or attempting something that I wasn’t fit for. The trainers are so knowledgeable and they all care about the individual as well as the group.

I will return to TMA in the future. I know I might be told off for having been away for some time but I also know it is the best place to train and get fit.

Claire Burilin

After trying numerous other school activities from gymnastics to dance, my daughter has now found something she loves. I take her to martial arts about three times a week and really look forward to coming. There is a very professional and friendly atmosphere and everyone works as a team and helps each other out. Its lovely to see her finally doing something she enjoys and I feel it also helps with her concentration! Overall I am really pleased with TMA Academy (Total Martial Arts) and I am glad I came across this class for my daughter (age 8) Marie Connelly

Having trained with both Lucky Madahar and his son Pindi ‘The Warrior’ Madahar at the TMA Academy (Total Martial Arts) there are a number of reasons for why I still remain a student at the TMA. Some of these reasons include the level of knowledge that is held within the club and the professional approach to the way instruction is carried out and passed through. Although training is hard and challenging it remains fun and not to mention addictive! With a ‘family friendly’ atmosphere and no room for personal egos – I would definitively recommend training at the Coventry’s TMA Academy. Thanks TMA! Amandeep Singh Chana (TMA student for over 20 years and a Senior Instructor).