Total Martial Arts Academy


Kru L. S. Madahar: 078 34 767 487 ~ TMA Academy: 024 76 666 899 ~ Kru Pindi Madahar: 078 14 496 304

The personal improvement of each student:

Martial arts can teach students about their own strengths and challenges. We believe all people have unlimited potential and that it is our job to bring that out. We will help students to feel more secure through knowledge of self defence. We will show you the step by step progressions toward your improvement.

Fostering Cultural Appreciation: 

As you learn martial arts from different cultures you will come to appreciate those cultures and people. The most profound lessons are in the way the arts work well together. Martial arts from different cultures not only fit together, they depend on each other to move forward.

Teaching and maintaining open – mindedness:

Martial arts teach us to keep our minds open to new methods and ideas. Each art has a unique perspective. Learning to see issues from many different perspectives is a part of your development.

Instilling personal responsibility:

 As you learn methods that are designed to hurt other human beings you will be constantly reminded of your personal responsibility in this world. It is our hope that the skills of this art will only be used in the most desperate situations. Martial artists tend to be more peaceful because of their training and confidence.

To promote health and fitness:

Training in the martial arts is a great stress release. The workouts will challenge even the fittest individuals and are designed to allow any type of student to “work up to” their physical potential Total body workouts have always been a standard for martial art.

To have some fun! 

We have done away with the “serious” nature of martial arts training. Our environment is easy going and, most of all, fun!