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Our Little Champions programme is a unique martial arts syllabus suitable for children of all ages. We designed the syllabus to inspire the children to become fitter and healthier, while gaining in self-esteem and confidence.

The syllabus is divided into ten phases and this is your child’s journey from White Belt to Black Belt.

Your child will develop Life Skills, Safety Skills and Martial Arts Skills

We have been extremely sensitive in developing our children’s syllabus, making sure the martial arts skills they learn are suitable and the moralities behind the martial arts are fully explained.

Qualities developed in their martial arts training will allow them to become academically high achievers and Free from bullying.

Bullying effects your child’s development, mentally, physically and emotionally

We will teach your child the twelve ways of dealing with the Bully ‘without’ fighting – Walking away from trouble with confidence.

Making your child Bully Proof!


Don’t let your child suffer in silence!

Children’s Programmes

Include: Tiny Tigers, Lil’ Dragons, Bully Proof & Little Champions.


Originally written by an American Martial Arts instructor and child psychologist, Kimber Hill, it has since grown to become one of the most popular children’s programmes in the world, thanks to its ideal blend of basic Martial Arts, Life Skills and Safety kills. Aimed specifically at children of this age group, the programme is structured to provide all students with a fun and safe learning environment. Students are graded every eight weeks and awarded different coloured belts for each grading. Lil Dragon’s is the one of our most popular programmes, we have limited spaces available to ensure we can offer a positive, safe and educational environment for all our Lil Dragon’s while also keeping within our child safety policy of 7 children per instructor.; Runs on: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays


~ Bully Proof Programme ~

This “System” will help you address the #1 social concern for young people today – Bullying.

Bully Buster system is designed for 5 – 8 years and 9 – 12 years age groups. It is a special defeat the bully without fighting program through the Martial Arts.

This programme shows students how to Defeat the Bully, the Smart Way!

  1. The Highest Goal of the Martial Artist.
  2. The Art of Metal Self Defence.
  3. The Three lines of Self – Defence.
  4. Twelve Ways to Walk Away With Confidence

~ Twelve Bully Proof  Basic Tools ~

  1. Make friends

Treat the bull as a friend – instead of an enemy.

  1. Use humour

You can turn a threatening situation into a funny one.

  1. Walk away

Don’t get into it – just walk away.

  1. Use your creative imagination

Use your imagination to cleverly resolve conflict.

  1. Agree with the bully

The winner of a fight is the one who prevents it.

  1. Refuse to fight

The winner of a fight is the one who prevents it.

  1. Stand up to bully

Stick up for yourself. Just say NO! to bullying

  1. Scream/yell

A powerful shout can end conflict – before it starts.

  1. Ignore the threat

Be like bamboo – bend in the wind.

  1. Use authority

Call a proper authority to help you defeat the bully.

  1. Reason with bull

Use the most powerful tool you have – your brain.

  1. Take a stance

Be a victor – not a victim.

Make your child Bully Proof!